Data Visualization Stories

CUTA is privileged to have access to historical transit and transportation data from across Canada. Leveraging this data and external information, CUTA is able to create visualization stories open for public use. These stories will guide the user through themes related to our Trending Topics, furthering the understanding of transit. CUTA is also proud to share and promote selected outstanding visualizations produced by our partner organizations, as well as works in the public domain where applicable. 

Data visualization is becoming an exciting emerging opportunity as CUTA’s data program undergoes modernization and expansion; CUTA’s vision for data visualization as a tool is to broaden its scope to incorporate geospatial and socioeconomic data. Look around and explore the stories told by Canada’s transit systems.

Visualizing the customer experience through on-time performance

Saadiq Mohiuddin, a project engineer for Calgary Transit, was a participant of CUTA’s Data Blitz and used free open-source software (FOSS) to create a transit stop visualization map of on-time performance (OTP) before and after Calgary Transit’s network redesign.

Ridership and Funding

This data visualization shows the levels of ridership and operating funding by province in 2012 and 2017.

Bus Accessibility in Canada

This visualization highlights the progress of transit agencies in Canada towards a fully accessible fleet of buses for fixed-route service.

Transit in Toronto

(Externally produced)

Explore patterns of transit delivery in Toronto, as well as relationships between transit service and socioeconomic indicators including job accessibility and household income.

Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox

Browse and locate cases from CUTA's Integrated Mobility Implementation Toolbox.

Greening the Transit Industry

Explore efforts to transform the sustainability of the Canadian transit industry by reducing greenhouse gas emissions.