Road to Electrification Web Application



In the summer of 2018, CUTA members at the Coast Mountain Bus Company took the initiative of creating a desktop application, or game, which simulated the transition of introducing electric buses to a commercial fleet in a gamified style. The purpose of the game is to allow the user to explore the dependencies of electrifying a fleet rather than to act as a formal planning tool. Recent advances in electrification technology will have changed the variables used in this game, and this game will not be indicative of true values.

The game was first released to only CUTA members, but has recently been authorized for public access. CUTA aims to release an updated version of the game as a mobile application, and have been in conversation with developers.

Access to the initial iteration of the game can be found here. CUTA’s current best option to share this file is through Dropbox, please be sure to follow your company’s security protocols. Download the “Road to Electrification.exe” and extract the files to your computer. Click on “Electrification.exe” from the extracted files and begin playing once the game is loaded!

Please note that only English is supported on this version of the game.