Events & Training

Emerging Leaders

The way we look at our industry, alongside the tools that we use to measure our success is changing.  With a focus on "the next generation" of public transportation, we wanted to offer a new kind of experience for the next generation of transit professionals leading the transit transformation. We are welcoming Emerging Leaders - those thinking about, or are in the beginning stages of their careers in public transit - to make us a part of their journey.

Boosting your career with operational knowledge and industry contacts can be difficult when you are first entering the public transit market. To help, CUTA is pleased to offer exclusive networking opportunities for Emerging Leaders, as well as opportunities to connect with industry veterans in fun exciting and meaningful ways.  Our content includes a keynote speaker and plenary focusing exclusively on youth and emerging leader engagement. You will also have the opportunity to hear testimonials from CUTA's Youth Summit Alumni on navigating their careers in a changing market. We at CUTA can help you gather career perspective; industry knowledge, along with tips and tricks to help you make an impact in the transformation of the next generation of transit. 


Do you consider yourself an emerging leader in the transit industry? Do you know of an emerging leader in your organization that would benefit from the industry exposure of attending a CUTA conference? Our NEW Emerging Leaders price option is for anyone in your organization who is making waves and is under 30. To attend at this promotional rate, the Emerging Leader must be accompanied by a member and registered for the "Full Program."