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Nomination guidelines

Nomination information for CUTA Corporate Leadership and CUTA Individual Leadership Awards

Nominations may be submitted in English or French. No more than four nominations per organization per award program (Corporate or Individual) will be accepted, and only one nomination per award category (Innovation, Heroism, Environmental Sustainability, etc.). Each nomination must be submitted and uploaded individually.

Submission summary

Each nomination form should be properly completed. Read the instructions thoroughly to ensure your nomination is in the correct category. Each nomination form must answer the mandatory questions provided to be considered.

There are three mandatory question areas, for a total maximum of 500 words; we appreciate you being as specific as possible. Provide details of program or individual achievements under the topics exactly as listed in the appropriate fields:

  • Background and objectives – maximum 150 words
    • Describe the achievement, what the initiative addresses, and how it answers a strategic theme of CUTA’s Transit Vision 2040
  • Communication, creative and execution – maximum 200 words
    • How did you communicate the objectives and the initiative steps internally and externally
    • Explain how the initiative overcame challenges, built awareness and other strategic considerations
    • Describe how the achievement was implemented and its outcome
    • Describe how the financial and staff resources were used
  • Evaluation and results – maximum 150 words
    • Quantify the success of the initiative and how it achieved its objective
    • Provide qualitative analysis of the results of the achievement and its impact on the transit industry in general

The summary adds clarity to the submission and allows the judges to understand the rationale and achievement behind each nomination.

**NEW! Photos for print material & ceremony

We ask that you submit high quality JPEG, PDF or PNG photographs relating to the project/person at the same time you submit the nomination. This is not mandatory at the time of nomination, however, should the nomination be successful, we will require photos to build our printed awards booklet, and include in the awards ceremony.

A reference name must be created for each submission and it will be used on all communication related to the nomination with CUTA. The nomination must include the reference name, using the naming convention (award category_name of nominee_company of nominee), as the title of the file(s) or the zip file.

Judging panel and process

The awards judging panel comprises the awards program sub-committee, who are transit professionals and CUTA members in good standing. Panel membership is representative of the geographic regions of Canada and CUTA membership.

All applications are evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Relevance to Transit Vision 2040 (PDF) strategic themes and how the program or individual achievements align with CUTA’s Transit Vision 2040
  • Demonstration of exceptional achievement in a program or an individual contribution, the innovative techniques used, and how the achievement exceeded the call of duty
  • Timing of the initiative, project or achievement submitted were launched no earlier than 2 years from the year of submission (with the exception of the Innovation, the Distinguished Service and the W.G. Ross Lifetime Achievement Awards)
  • Success and impact on public transit and the long and short term implications of the project/achievement on Public Transit in Canada if applicable

Award nominations are judged by project/achievement descriptions, digital images and supporting documentation. Each award is judged on its own merit for a national award. There is no competition between nominations. The judges score each nomination according to the category criteria from the online entry form. Points for each criteria range from zero to five depending on the judges’ interpretation of how each nomination successfully meets the category criteria.

  • The judges may ask for further information or clarification on a nomination in order to be able to make an informed decision.
  • The judges may change the category of the award nomination to best suit the nomination as appropriate.
  • The judges may defer consideration of an award to a subsequent year if deemed appropriate (e.g. more demonstrative results or information is needed to be able to make a judgment).
  • The time period of eligibility for the activity or event to be recognized should be defined as having occurred within the previous two years.

Recipient benefits

CUTA award recipients are strongly encouraged to register for the full conference program and will be given the early-bird registration rate in order to be present at the awards ceremony and have their achievements recognized. The award recipient will receive one plaque to commemorate their achievement.

Presentation of the CUTA awards takes place traditionally at a meal function at the Annual Conference. CUTA encourages its award recipients to register for conferences to take advantage of the knowledge sharing and the networking with colleagues from the transit industry in Canada and abroad. However, their attendance is not mandatory and they may designate a representative to accept the award.

If a recipient of an Individual Leadership Award is unable to attend the ceremony, CUTA strongly encourages that a local recognition ceremony be held as detailed in the Local Recognition Ceremony package.

In the event that a recipient is unable to register as a conference delegate, he or she will receive one ticket to attend the awards ceremony.

The award recipient may choose to benefit from their stay to attend other sessions taking place on the same day of the awards ceremony.

In the event that the award is shared between two or more employees, additional plaques may be purchased through CUTA.

For more information, please contact McCartney Lee at