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STRADA recruitment toolkit

STRADA transit operator recruitment tool

Put the right person in the driver's seat

What is STRADA?

STRADA is a reliable, integrated hiring solution designed to increase the probability of selecting the best candidates for the position of bus/transit operator, to reduce staff time in the recruitment process and to reduce costs associated with recruitment as well as budget lost through training unsuccessful candidates.

How does STRADA work?

STRADA helps you to identify the right person to put in the driver's seat by using a system of cross-checked competencies. The cornerstone of the STRADA Toolkit is the assessment survey, a 30 minute web-based assessment. Once the assessment is completed, a custom report is produced for each candidate. HR staff can determine which candidates to bring in for an interview and who to avoid. The report also provides additional interview questions specifically customized for that candidate. The questions dig into the candidate's innate personality traits to determine whether they possess the key competencies which will enable them to excel in the role of bus/transit operator.

What sets a STRADA candidate apart?

The STRADA toolkit steps will highlight those candidates that provide excellent customer service, have low absenteeism rates and will stay with you and develop their career in your organization; reducing turnover and performance issues. 

STRADA Toolkit indexes

The toolkit identifies job competencies when taking you to the best candidates.  The major "areas" that you will look for are called indexes:

A measure of the traits associated with successful operational performance (accident avoidance, lack of disciplinary marks) in this job. Associated personality traits include safety, risk tolerance, caution, etc.

A measure of the traits associated with service performance (lack of customer complaints, favorable supervisor ratings on service dimensions) in this job. Associated personality traits include frustration tolerance (resilience), acceptance of diversity, self-control, accommodation of others, etc.

A measure of traits associated with timely, consistent attendance at work. Associated personality traits include taking responsibility, work ethic, self-control, dependability, etc.

A measure of the candidate's ability to effectively evaluate work-related situations and determine a best course of action. Associated personality traits include preference for structure, being conscientious, considering others needs in decision making, etc.

  1. A six-step Recruitment Process from Recruitment Messaging to Hiring Protocol.
  2. A Validated Assessment Survey & Reports Customized for Bus Operators - interview probes are provided for each area of potential concern identified from the personality assessment.
  3. A Toolkit of Checklists, Forms and Resources to ensure your screening is fast and consistent.
  4. A two-day Implementation Workshop with participant materials and presentation tools to prepare your staff to use the STRADA Process.
  5. A Competency Framework for Bus Operators.
  6. A Distribution Process to order STRADA reports quickly and easily.
  7. A secure, private client site to administer your assessments and results. Clients can produce their own internal usage statements for auditing purposes if they have multiple service locations within their transit system.
  8. Post-Implementation Support to assist your technical users through the administration of the assessment itself.
  9. An Ongoing Implementation Feedback Process to monitor your STRADA experience and continuously improve the product.
  10. Ongoing updating by our expert you never have to worry about the assessment going out of date, becoming invalid or having to purchase a new release!

We are all concerned about legal defensibility in our hiring practices. During the creation of the toolkit, legal counsel advised the Committee to protect users from legal challenges. Our expert partner in the development of the psychometric assessment also abides by the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection (US Federal Law) and exceeds the requirements and standard practices of the American Psychological Association.

How adverse impact was tested during the validation process

"Adverse impact occurs when an employment practice or process works to the disadvantage of members of age, race, gender, or ethnic group. In offering guidance for determining adverse impact, the Uniform Guidelines offer the four-fifths rule: A select rate for any race, ethnic or gender subgroup which is less than four-fifths (4/5) (or eighty percent) for the group with the highest rate will generally be regarded as adverse impact..." To examine the issue of adverse impact for the STRADA Bus Operators assessment, selection impact ratios for each of the Performance Indexes were estimated using the sample of incumbent response data from 15 different transit systems. Those systems included:

  • Brampton, ON
  • Burlington, ON
  • Calgary, AB
  • Edmonton, AB
  • Guelph, ON
  • Hamilton, ON
  • Lethbridge, AB
  • Ottawa, ON
  • Red Deer, AB
  • Sarnia, ON
  • St. Johns, NL
  • Toronto (GO Transit), ON
  • Vancouver, BC
  • Winnipeg, MB
  • York Region, ON
The largest system in our study group has 4,500+ employees, the smallest has 51. In total, they represent a wide variety of geographic regions from coast to coast.

For more information, please contact Business Development at (416) 365-9800 ext. 121.

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