Member benefits

Every day, CUTA members are involved in moving people and influencing the evolution of integrated urban mobility. It is an exciting time to be involved in the transit industry as it grows, innovates and integrates across multiple modes of transportation. By becoming a member of CUTA, you are joining transit systems, associations, suppliers, businesses and individuals in the movement and collective strength of this dynamic industry. Members benefit from CUTA expertise, data, training, events, networking opportunities, advocacy and so much more. CUTA is Canada’s voice for public transit and integrated mobility. Join and be heard!

Benefits of Being a CUTA Member - Infographic

Here is a breakdown of some of the CUTA membership benefits:

Do you wish you could network and build long-lasting relationships with your peers all across Canada?

CUTA’s national and regional committees and task forces harness the strength of the industry and tackle its challenges collectively and constructively. Your involvement connects you to the leading transit innovation and current developments. It is your opportunity to influence the future of transit.

  • CUTA has 5 national Committees and 5 regional committees

CUTA is internationally recognized for being a leader in the reporting of Canadian transit system statistics and research. CUTA’s Centre of Excellence in Integrated Urban Mobility houses transit data which extends over decades and includes over 1,000 points of data for virtually every transit operation in Canada.
CUTA’s research program provides opportunities to benefit from pooled research at a fraction of the cost. For those interested in independent research, CUTA’s member library contains over 7,000 volumes of specialized transit information, facts, data, statistical reports, books and documents.

  • Over 1,000 points of data

CUTA events are premium networking and learning opportunities. One major transit conference each year with a trade show and various workshops and symposiums are must-attend events for all transit professionals. CUTA conferences are known for their quality content, dynamic sessions, engaging speakers and interactive networking and professional development components.

  • The Canadian Transit Show sees over 125 exhibitors of industry products, services, people and innovations in Canada

CUTA's staff members are specialists in transit and other related fields. With broad expertise on issues of transit planning, operations, marketing and communications, technology, training, government relations, human resources and policy issues, we provide technical and advisory assistance on demand and in response to your particular need.

  • CUTA’s team: 21 members

CUTA promotes policies and regulations that benefit integrated urban mobility and the transit industry in Canada and abroad. We meet with over a hundred federal stakeholders each year to communicate the needs and benefits of the industry.

Your membership at CUTA gives you access to our deeply-rooted network on Parliament Hill. Each year, members are invited to attend our Transit Awareness Days to meet some of the most influential politicians and decision-makers in Ottawa. We also make sure that your views and concerns are heard and included throughout the process.

  • 100 meetings with federal stakeholders a year

Canada’s public transit and urban mobility are guided by CUTA’s Transit Vision 2040, a blueprint for the next generation. This vision has been endorsed by dozens of municipalities across Canada and is recognized as a guiding force in defining transportation priorities and aligning municipal master plans.

Transit Vision 2040 supports all members in their contribution to developing the industry’s future.

  • Transit Vision 2040 includes 7 strategic directions

CUTA specializes in transit training, performance and recruitment solutions. We link you to transit best practices by delivering thought-provoking, engaging and industry-specific learning events. You will hear from experts and share experiences with your peers in the industry. CUTA members qualify for a discounted member rate on open enrolment and on-site team training such as Transit Ambassador and Scheduling and Run Cutting. Hire the best transit operators with STRADA and onboard them with our industry leading customer service training. Succession planning and skills building is easy with our Instructor and Supervisor training modules, giving your team the confidence to grow in the transit industry. CUTA provides tailored learning events and customized training programs; reviews and audits; needs assessments; leadership training and coaching; and instructor certification and curriculum development for your in-house training curriculum.

Develop your network by leveraging CUTA’s national and international partnerships. Attend CUTA’s flagship fall conference and transit show and regional events, participate in committees, and access training opportunities. CUTA’s extensive network of partnerships with transit and transit related associations and groups around the world can help you create a broad network of industry colleagues and contacts. CUTA also champions excellence in the Canadian public transit industry by awarding individual and corporate National Transit Awards.

  • 1000 conference attendees in one year

CUTA members know they can rely on top-quality transit articles and editorial content when they open a copy of Urban Mobility FORUM Magazine; CUTA members know that the bi-weekly EXPRESSions newsletter delivers the latest transit and association developments directly to their inbox; and, CUTA members also know that they can rely on CUTA to communicate pressing industry updates via special member communications and via social media. The CUTA Membership Directory itself is a valuable publication, listing the main contact information of all members. With industry research, reports, publications and online resources – CUTA members are always well-informed.

  • 4 editions of Urban Mobility Forum magazine a year

When you speak at or sponsor a CUTA conference, you are at the hub of Canada’s transit industry. Industry leaders, advisors and experts benefit from your professional experience, and take away from the experience new ideas, solutions and lessons learned.

What do you get? By participating in a CUTA conference as a speaker, you are stimulating industry dialogue, encouraging peer exchange, inspiring innovation and modeling engagement. CUTA links you to this unique professional experience.

  • Over 200 speaking opportunities a year

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