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11 June 2019

CUTA launches national #PriorityTransit campaign

Today, CUTA launched its national election campaign entitled #PriorityTransit. To support our campaign, we commissioned Léger Marketing to conduct a survey which asked Canadians living in major urban centres about their attitudes to transit through the lens of our four campaign pillars: fighting traffic congestion; combating climate change; growing the economy; and fostering social inclusion.

The six urban centres polled – Toronto, Winnipeg, Calgary, Vancouver, Montréal and Québec City – will be critical election battlegrounds in the next federal election. All political parties need to pay attention and make transit a priority in their platforms.

Our poll showed overwhelming support for statements that reinforce our members’ key priorities, including greening transit fleets, federal funding for operational expenses, getting transit investments to communities more quickly, and bettering critical data collection. We encourage you to engage with our campaign by visiting the website, using our helpful tools to contact your local Member of Parliament and party candidates, and sharing our messages on social media.

For more information, please contact Chad Jeudy-Hugo at 514-207-7072.

Parties announcing transit priorities ahead of 2019 federal election

Federal political parties have begun unveiling their plans for public transit ahead of the next federal election in October 2019.

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer recently presented his vision for Canada’s infrastructure, including new investments in transit to “shorten commute times and keep the Canadian economy moving.”

The Green Party’s plan promises to “modernize VIA Rail, expand service and ensure trans-modal connections across Canada to light rail and electric buses so that no one in rural and remote areas of Canada lacks efficient, affordable and safe public transit.”

Finally, the NDP announced that if they were to form a government, they would create a “permanent, direct, allocation-based funding mechanism to modernize and expand public transit,” help transit systems to electrify their fleets by 2030, and make public transit free for all interested municipalities. The NDP also supports Via Rail’s high-frequency rail service in the Québec City-Windsor corridor.

For more information, please contact Samuel Lafontaine at extension 616.

Canada Infrastructure Bank following through on transit commitments

The Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) is putting up as much as $2 billion for an upgrade to GO Transit across Southern Ontario. The CIB was created by the Government of Canada to attract and leverage private finance to strategically invest $35 billion in revenue-generating infrastructure projects in the public interest. This latest investment will be the largest public-private partnership in Canadian history and will build the ‘spine’ of GO Train’s expansion in cooperation with Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx.

There will be a competitive bidding process for the contract between several pre-selected consortiums, including Entransit, MTR Kiewit Partners, ONcore Transit and ONxpress Transportation Partners. With this investment on top of the already committed $1.3 billion for Montréal’s REM expansion, CIB is poised to soon reach its minimum target of investing $5 billion in public transit.

For more information, please contact Chad Jeudy-Hugo at 514-207-7072.

Bus passenger safety studied by House Transport Committee

The House of Commons Standing Committee on Transport, Infrastructure and Communities is presently conducting a study on bus passenger safety. The written brief submitted by CUTA is available here on the committee website.

For more information, please contact Samuel Lafontaine at extension 616. 

Great opportunity to promote your transit system nationally

Our members are invited to make an important contribution to CUTA’s national advocacy campaign by submitting promotional photos showcasing their transit system before 5 pm EST on Friday, June 14, 2019.

For more information, please contact Samuel Lafontaine at extension 616. 

Check out CUTA’s newest webinars

King Street Pilot

Speakers: David Kuperman, Manager of Transportation Planning, City of Toronto; Jesse Coleman, City of Toronto; Victoria Prouse, project lead, Public Realm and Transportation Services, City of Toronto

King Street, the heart of Toronto's downtown, has the largest concentration of jobs in Canada, and is Toronto's busiest surface transit route. In November, 2017, the City of Toronto and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) introduced a bold pilot project that gave significantly greater priority to transit riders and active transportation users, imposed restrictions on through-automobile travel in the corridor, and established all-day curbside uses and a public realm program in the curb lane. In April 2019, Toronto City Council voted to make King Street a permanent transit-priority corridor. This webinar will share insights on the pilot implementation process, specifically transit-priority measures, data collection and monitoring, public realm enhancements, and stakeholder management.

Join us on June 12 from 1:30 to 2:30 pm EST. Register

Wheel-Trans Transformation

Speakers: Dean Milton, Manager of Strategic Initiatives, TTC; Dwayne Geddes, Acting Head of Wheel-Trans, TTC

The Wheel-Trans 10-year strategy provides direction for service and operational improvements and changes essential for the TTC and Wheel-Trans to ensure long-term sustainability. The strategy was developed to respond to several needs: to offer our customers spontaneity of travel; to be inclusive and part of the community; to help ensure and foster dignity; to expand opportunities for travel; and to improve service to what is a growing customer base (including families and caregivers), all the while seeing significant cost avoidance for the TTC and, ultimately, the City of Toronto. This webinar will present the strategy and share key learnings from the TTC.

Join us on June 18 from 1:00 to 2:00 pm EST. Register

For more details, please contact

CUTA membership renewal 2019

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