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14 September 2020

Public transit essential to an equitable recovery: report

CUTA is urging governments to consider its essential role in fostering social equity as plans for a recovery are made. Transit’s environmental benefits and ability to create green jobs building infrastructure are widely known, but a new report shines a spotlight on the vital role it plays in social cohesion. And to stop only people with means being able to access urban mobility, it recommends ongoing operating support for public transit to keep it operating safely and conveniently.

Click here to view the full report.

For more information, please contact Jamey Heath.

The sponsorship package is now available for CUTA’s 2020 Virtual Conference

Transit’s new normal: moving forward with confidence

Please consider being part of this year’s conference as a sponsor. There’s a full range of packages available, described below, to meet any need. Our success in advocacy, training, and supporting the transit industry depends on partnerships with organizations like yours. Please help us build on the good work already done, and thank you for your ongoing support.

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New Brunswick reverses decision and pledges to support transit as part of the Safe Restart Agreement

Since the federal government announced that they will match up to $1.8 billion of provincial funds going towards public transit operations, several provinces have opted-in, and New Brunswick was one of the few who decided to opt-out. As soon as the premier rejected the funds, CUTA sprang into action, advocating for him to reverse his decision. We briefed journalists and political parties on the issue, wrote op-eds and delivered television interviews. Soon after, the Green Party unveiled their plan to ‘save public transit’, followed shortly by the Liberals, pledging to fully cost-match federal infrastructure funding. Premier Blaine Higgs has now reversed his position, and has committed to supporting public transit. Now, transit has become a major election issue, and every major political party supports opting into the Safe Restart Agreement. CUTA continues to work hard to ensure that no province leaves money on the table, and that no transit system is left behind.

For more information, please contact Jamey Heath.

Transit asset management — Building blocks to service excellence

Beginning on Sept 21, 2020

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to expand your knowledge at the only transit asset management course in Canada! After all, great asset management translates to great service delivery.

Over the course of 10 weeks of training modules, using invaluable templates and resource materials, this course will set the new standard for asset management expertise in transit. Click here to register.

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Renewable natural gas and hydrogen based mobility — A greener future

Beginning on Oct 5, 2020

This course will provide transit agencies with the tools to evaluate natural gas and hydrogen technology in transit operations. Covering infrastructure, fuelling, fleet and facility modifications, registrants will acquire the knowledge needed to procure renewable natural gas and hydrogen vehicles. Over the course of 5 weeks, participants will develop a business case for renewable natural gas and hydrogen-based mobility. Click here to register.

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CUTA membership 2020

We hope you and your colleagues are doing as well as can be expected during these turbulent and uncertain times. The transit industry is experiencing a period of unprecedented difficulty as systems operate vital services for essential workers while dealing with new and complex issues, lost revenues and rising costs that are changing every day. 

We invite you to renew your membership today if you have not already done so. For your convenience, click here to sign in, review your status, print or forward your invoice. 

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Membership referral incentive program

Refer a new member to CUTA. If they have never been a CUTA member and they join because you refer them, you will receive a $500 gift voucher, which can be redeemed for a CUTA learning event, conference registration, transit show booth, fact book, or towards your membership.

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