Less transit service will hurt front-line workers

The Canadian Urban Transit Association says less transit service will hurt the front-line workers on whom we all depend during the pandemic.

Metro Vancouver’s transit system, TransLink, has announced it will begin talks with its labour partners about large service reductions and layoffs. Transit has yet to be included in federal pandemic relief packages.

“Transit systems are experiencing large drops in revenue and ridership,” said Marco D’Angelo, CEO of CUTA. “Large cuts to service levels will hurt front-line workers on whom we depend during this pandemic. The people who clean our buildings and work in essential retail stores take the bus to work. They deserve good levels of service so they can get home to family and do so on vehicles that allow for safe physical distancing.”

He said without support from federal or provincial governments, layoffs and further service reductions will be more widespread and that he is hopeful transit will be included in relief efforts.

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