Public transit to Premier Higgs: thank you

The Canadian Urban Transit Association is thanking Premier Blaine Higgs for changing his mind about taking federal support for public transit as part of the safe restart agreement.

New Brunswick had previously been one of only three provinces not participating in the public transit component of the plan. Four out of five parties now support New Brunswick transit systems and their riders receiving much-needed support.

“Transit systems and their riders thank Premier Higgs for helping transit operate safely and conveniently,” said Marco D’Angelo, CUTA’s president. “Every day, people across New Brunswick depend on transit to get where they need to go. By accepting federal matching support, they’ll be able to do so without crowding on board and unacceptably long waits at the stop. It’s a good day for transit in New Brunswick.”

For further information:

McCartney Lee
Coordinator, Communications and Public Relations
416-365-9800, ext.127