So long, swiping. The ‘tap-and-go’ subway is here.

via New York Times

It can often feel like New York City’s subway is stuck in the Stone Age compared with systems in other cities across the world. Trains built in the 1960s still run on the subway tracks and parts of the signal system date back to before World War II.

But perhaps one of the greatest symbols of the outdated system is the MetroCard — the flimsy fare card that was introduced a quarter century ago.

Cities like London and Chicago have embraced tap cards and smartphone payments while New Yorkers still stand at turnstiles trying to swipe their MetroCard at the precise slow, but not-too-slow, speed to avoid the dreaded, “Please swipe again.’’

Now New York is finally getting a modern “tap-and-go” fare system that will make other cities jealous.

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