Transit systems to ask Ottawa: why help airlines and not essential transport?


The public transit sector will ask the federal government on Thursday why essential travel such as transit has yet to be included in relief programs while non-essential airlines are being helped.

Both modes of transport have seen passenger levels fall by about 90 per cent. Yet only airlines have been helped, with promises of more help to come, despite public transit transporting up to a million people every day—many of them to essential jobs in health care, cleaning, and grocery stores.

More service reductions will mean more essential workers will wait longer to get home, and ride more crowded vehicles along the way.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association will ask why help airlines and not essential transport:

When:  Thursday, May 7, 11a.m. Eastern

Where: Outside the streetcar stop, southwest corner of Queen St. West and York Street, Toronto

Who: Marco D’Angelo, CEO of CUTA


For more information:

Jodie Hunt
Manager, Communications

CUTA – Canadian Urban Transit Association