Spring Summit & AGM

May 10, 2020 to May 12, 2020

CUTA’s 2020 Spring Summit & AGM runs from Sunday, May 10 to Tuesday, May 12 in Ottawa, and is being hosted by OC Transpo. This event will feature three concurrent seminars: the Transit Leaders Seminar, CUTA’s Mobility revolution, and Innovation in rail providing a unique operator-vendor interface and attracting decision-makers in our industry across Canada.

This event, which is structured concurrently, will require delegates to register for one of the three seminars, where you will attend sessions relating to the selected theme. All delegates will have the opportunity to come together and network during the welcome reception, plenaries, networking breaks, technical tours, and the Business Members’ evening.

Join a unique group of transit professionals, researchers and suppliers at this summit to examine recent developments in research and technology, participate in lively discussions and gain a better understanding of the complex interactions unique to the transit industry.


Transit Leaders Seminar

This exclusive seminar is specifically designed to provide transit system professionals at the highest level of management with the cross-disciplinary knowledge to make the informed decisions of tomorrow.

How can transit system leaders adapt to the rising challenges of directing a public transit system in the new decade?

Improve oversight of mega projects. Transit leaders are contending with an increasing number of mega projects. How can transit leaders conduct contract management effectively when it comes to construction, capital and contracting out operations? How do we do manage projects so that they are completed on time and on budget?

Enhance risk management skills. This seminar will also present strategies for managing risk during project planning. How much risk does the public agency assume in project management? How much risk do the large construction companies assume?

Harness your data. In today’s tech-centric world, you need to be able to understand your transit system data, maximize insight from your analytics and stay ahead of technological advancements.

Mobility revolution

This stream will provide a focused perspective on the application of technology in our current mobility revolution. Topics will explore how the industry can use transformative technology to better navigate transit operations through open payment technology, artificial intelligence, block-chain analysis, on-demand transit and more.

Become a transit tech specialist. The Mobility revolution stream will be structured like a course, giving attendees a deeper understanding of revolutionary topics by the end of the summit. On the first day of the seminar, attendees will be introduced to the topics of interest to them. This will be followed by more advanced presentations on these upcoming technologies and how they can be utilized.

Participate in our ‘Dragon’s Den.’ These sessions will culminate in a ‘Dragon’s Den’ style roundtable discussion where presenters will be engaged by attendees through in-depth Q&A’s and analysis of breakthrough products and initiatives. 

Innovation in rail

This seminar is focused on the innovative projects and initiatives that are happening in the rail industry. Partnering with the Railway Association of Canada, CUTA will provide members with a deep dive into the design and planning of major light rail and commuter rail projects in Canada.

Attend breakthrough sessions. This cross-disciplinary seminar will include presentations from experts on new LRT and commuter rail projects, digital rail transformation, rail energy consumption and sustainability, LRT and commuter rail design and construction, policy perspectives and more.

Be strategic with public-private partnerships. Rail operators will develop strategies for how to engage the private sector in developing their rail network. Develop the skills to create compelling RFPs that balance finite capabilities in terms of construction capacity and talent to deliver increasingly complex rail projects.


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Spring Summit & AGM

May 10, 2020 to May 12, 2020

Ottawa Delta Hotel Downtown
101 Lyon St N, Ottawa, ON