Brian Pallister

   Progressive Conservative Party of Manitoba

   Majority Government elected April 19, 2016




Ministers Responsible for PublicTtransit

  • Ron R. Schuler (Infrastructure)
  • Jeff Wharton (Municipal Relations)
  • Rochelle Squires (Sustainable Development)

Funding and Program Announcements

  • In the 2017 Budget Implementation Act, the government of Manitoba ended a long-standing provincial deal to split half of Winnipeg Transit’s operating costs that are not covered by revenue from bus fares. Instead of increasing annually, financial transfers to the city were frozen at 2016 levels. The city expects that to result in an $8.3 million shortfall in provincial transit funding.
  • Starting in 2019, the province of Manitoba will receive more than $546 million over ten years in federal funding for public transit infrastructure.
  • The Public Transit Infrastructure Fund will invest received $82.84M of federal funding for transit in Manitoba