Prince Edward Island

Photo of Prince Edward Island Premier Wade McLauchlan


Wade MacLauchlan
PEI Liberal Party
Majority Government elected May 4, 2015


Minister Responsible for Public Transit

  • Richard Brown (Communities, Land and Environment)
  • Paula J. Biggar (Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy)

Funding and Program Announcements

  • By offering to pay 40 to 50% of an eligible project, the federal government creates an incentive for smaller provinces to invest their own money in public transit. While PEI has been reluctant to invest in transit, they are now contributing to capital projects.
  • In 2016, the federal government allocated $515,142 to T3 Transit under the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). The Province of Prince Edward Island matched the federal investment with a contribution of $257,571.
  • Starting in 2019, Prince Edward Island will receive more than $27 million over ten years in federal funding for public transit infrastructure.