Transit Vision 2040: tools and resources

CUTA's landmark publication, Transit Vision 2040 is the industry blueprint for the next generation. CUTA launched its TV2040 5-Year Review in 2013, and while the industry's strategic direction stays the course it is astonishing to see how much has changed in only 5 years.

Transit Vision 2040 communicates transit's contribution to quality of life, the nature of change likely to take place in our communities by 2040, the implications these changes will have for transit, and strategic directions for actions that can maximize transit's contribution to our quality of life. This vision is based on current trends and the wisdom of stakeholders both inside and outside the transit industry. The vision was developed by first considering the nature of change likely to occur in Canadian communities, and then identifying the contribution transit could make to support the development of strong, liveable and environmentally responsible communities.

The original vision was built with considerable input from transit industry stakeholders, transportation experts and thought leaders. This included a series of workshops with CUTA's leadership and its members, an online survey on major issues and directions for the vision that received a tremendous response from stakeholders consultation with groups such as the Canadian Institute of Planners, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and the Canadian Home Builders Association peer review by a panel of transportation experts, and interviews with over 20 thought leaders from across Canada and from a variety of disciplines.

Advice, based on concurrent visioning processes, was also received from the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) and the International Association of Public Transport (UITP). This version encompasses the changes and updates from the thorough 5-year review of Transit Vision 2040 that was completed in 2014. A recurrent 5-year review process is planned to ensure the vision remains accurate, timely and relevant to the industry.

This vision takes a long-term view, but it is intended to guide concrete short-term actions by CUTA, its members and other stakeholders. Chapter 7 provides a summary of the strategic directions and identifies the stakeholders who will need to take the lead, as well as short-term priorities. The vision has particular relevance for transit agencies and can serve as a framework for strategic planning efforts by individual systems. In addition to identifying actions that CUTA can take to lead and help implement the strategic directions, the vision also informs CUTA's own vision and strategic planning.

Strategic directions

  • Theme 1: Putting transit at the centre of communities
  • Theme 2: Revolutionizing service
  • Theme 3: Focusing on customers
  • Theme 4: Building sustainability and resilience
  • Theme 5: Ensuring financial health
  • Theme 6: Strengthening Knowledge and Practice
  • Theme 7: Harnessing Technology and Innovation