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Metrolinx’s K9 unit puts a powerful – and cute – new face on public safety

The 3 newest team members starting patrols in September will be historic for Metrolinx, as well as a rare in-house security resource on Canadian public transit lines.

As faces of public security, they’re fairly adorable.

But as Instagram-ready as 3 members of Metrolinx’s new K9 unit seem to be, the dogs are all business. The trio begins official patrols in September across Greater Golden Horseshoe transit lines, watching and sniffing out potential threats to customers and staff.

Metrolinx explores importance of Indigenous history on lands it works and operates on

Regular GO Transit customers, especially those who sit on the same vehicles and watch the same view pass by outside the windows, likely believe they’ve memorized the landscape.

The cities and towns and creeks, they blur past in a familiar way.

And this happens to a great many of the over 76 million GO train and bus passenger trips each year.

Kingston Transit – A path to success for small and mid-sized cities

Over the past seven years, Kingston Transit has seen significant improvements in its public transit services. Between 2011 and 2017, revenue service hours increased from 160,255 to 238,688 annually and ridership increased by 72% to a record 6.1 million passenger trips.  Catalyzing the growth in service was an express route introduced in 2013, which became so successful that three new express routes were introduced over the next five years.

Metrolinx expands on accessibility initiatives

Removing redundant poles from the doors on GO trains may seem like a simple gesture to make more room and make it easier to get on board. It’s actually a major move toward a better transit system overall.

Customers travelling with children in strollers or with luggage have one less barrier to get on the train. Everyone ends up boarding quicker and is more likely to enjoy the experience, while service remains unaffected.