New Flyer’s Jennifer McNeill named to Canada’s Clean50 sustainability leaders for 2020

New Flyer Industries Canada ULC (“New Flyer”), a subsidiary of NFI Group Inc. (“NFI”), one of the world’s leading independent global bus manufacturers, today announced that Jennifer McNeill, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, has been named an Honouree of Canada’s prestigious Clean50 list for 2020.

The Other Electric Bus

By Nicolas Pocard, Director Marketing, Ballard Power Systems

Across the world, electric buses are providing a smooth and quiet passenger experience with zero emissions at the tailpipe. As governments and cities take the lead in placing increasingly strict regulations and restrictions on internal combustion engines, transit agencies and operators are looking at electric buses as the best option to transition their fleets to zero emissions, without affecting service levels..

Natural Gas Buses – A Cost, Operational and Environmental Alternative

By: Raleigh Gerber, Corporate Communications Manager

More Canadian cities are transitioning their public transportation fleets away from diesel-powered buses and opting for transit vehicles fueled by natural gas, a trend that is gaining momentum across North America and worldwide. This is due in part to government regulations that mandate a reduction in nitrogen oxide and greenhouse gas emissions that harm air quality, as well as a heightened sense of awareness about the health threats caused by local and toxic diesel particulate emissions.

How Canada can catch up in implementing electric buses

Letenda is an innovative Quebec-based company that develops and markets a 30-foot urban bus, known as the midibus, specifically designed for electric propulsion.

Canada is moving toward a future driven by clean energy. This is reflected in the growth in the number of sustainable transportation projects emerging across the country. However, the adoption of electric buses appears to be slower than in the United States.

The Power of Battery-Electric Propulsion

By: David Warren, Director of Sustainable Transportation, New Flyer

With increased focus on sustainability to protect the environment and preserve resources, the demand for zero-emission, battery-electric buses (BEBs) is rapidly increasing across North America. While California leads North America in deployments funded in part through “Cap and Trade” initiatives (a market based environmental regulation), Canadian deployments are expanding from east to west with major trials starting in Toronto and Vancouver.

St. Albert Transit - First Long-Range Battery Powered Electric Transit Buses in Canada

By: Kevin Bamber, Director, St. Albert Transit

The City of St. Albert procured the first long-range battery powered electric transit buses in Canada. St. Albert Transit ran two electric bus trials in 2014 and 2015. The trials examined performance, reliability of the electrical systems, interior heating system, battery life and vehicle range. Following the trial, City Administration recommended the purchase of several electric buses.