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Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

  • Post Date: January 6, 2021

  • Application Deadline: March 6, 2021

The opportunity is for a Chief Executive Officer, accountable to the Board of Directors, to provide overall leadership to and management of the businesses, activities and other affairs of TransLink. The CEO ensures that TransLink’s strategic and operating objectives are achieved in the context of public policy and stakeholder interest and in accordance with applicable legislation and the policies established by the Board of Directors and its Committees.

The successful candidate will bring a track record of organizational accomplishment as a CEO, President, COO, business unit leader or in another strategic corporate leadership responsibility. He or she will bring experience or a significant understanding of public transit and, broadly, the movement of people and goods. They will be effective in operating between private and public sectors and will be able to lead a financially complex organization. They will be conceptual; going beyond the details and seeing “the big picture”; able to reach logical conclusions even when information is still being gathered. They will possess exceptional leadership skills; and be able to lead a complex enterprise to achieve its vision, goals, and objectives. They will be able to lead an organization that operates in a public policy environment with multiple stakeholders and will have the ability, confidence, and experience to constructively engage the Board, Mayors’ Council, the Province, and other stakeholders. Will be engaging, approachable, diplomatic, open and transparent and will thrive on a meaningful interaction with others. Demonstrated ability to build deep and lasting relationships externally and internally. Able to build a customer centric culture, recognizing that TransLink has a responsibility as a steward for the taxpayer. A highly effective communicator who is able to articulate the vision and strategy of an organization in a manner that fosters engagement, support and inclusion.

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