Industry Jobs

Senior Engineer, Track and Infrastructure

City of Calgary

  • Post Date: September 22, 2022

  • Application Deadline: October 7, 2022

As the Senior Engineer – Track and Infrastructure, you will report to the Senior Manager, LRV, Systems and Integration who has the overall responsibility of implementing and managing engineering processes to ensure that multiple projects and procurements of the Green Line, when integrated, will produce a Light Rail Transit (LRT) system that meets the operational performance and safety objectives of the Green Line Program.
As the Senior Engineer – Track and Infrastructure, you will assist in the technical delivery of rail transit Infrastructure including Right of Way and Track elements. You will also contribute to, integration efforts between the Light Rail Vehicle (LRV) and Infrastructure. Primary duties include:
• Chair and/or participate in project related meetings.
• Develop and steward relationships that support the success of the projects.
• Participate in multi-disciplinary teams consisting of consultants, contractors, clients, and stakeholders.
• Anticipate, identify, and resolve issues that may impact the project.
• Review and approve, as required, the design and delivery of work performed by engineering consultants and contractors.
• Provide subject matter expertise in LRT Track and Right of Way design and construction including for underground, elevated, at-grade and maintenance and storage facilities.
• Provide technical advice, recommendations, and project management guidance.
• Participate in the strategic planning of assigned projects, including defining the scope of the project, creating business cases/justifications and work plans, determining the objectives and measurements, determining the budget, resources, and stakeholders; setting up the project schedule.
• Prepare contracts, requests for proposals and tender documents for assigned projects, including terms and conditions, scope of work definition, technical requirements and specifications, project specific requirements and project schedule constraints.
• Present and report the assigned project progress, risks, expectations, timelines, milestones and key project metrics to leadership.
• Participate in the selection process of consultants and contractors for assigned projects.
• Manage and monitor assigned projects throughout the implementation stage, including executing the project according to project plan; creating project management records and documentation; monitoring the project progress and financial status of project.
• Anticipate and proactively manage change throughout the project life cycle of assigned projects.


Senior Engineer, Track and Infrastructure