Summary of Canadian Transit Statistics Dashboard

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This report represents the first step in CUTA’s new data strategy and dashboard program. The report presents the national level highlights from the Summary of Canadian Transit Statistics document which was previously published in tabular form. The Summary document was last published in 2020 and has now been revamped and streamlined as a PowerBI dashboard for added insights and ease of use. The initial dashboard includes the 2021 highlights and the ability to examine historical data as far back as 2011. For those of you unfamiliar with how PowerBI dashboards work, we have included a brief set of instructions to get you started with this exciting new tool:

  1. Select a survey year using the drop-down menu marked “Survey Year” on the top lefthand side of the report. Once you have selected a year of interest, the visuals and data will automatically update to reflect your choice.
  2. Hover over any portion of a visual to access a popup with more detailed information.
  3. To examine individual visuals more closely, select the focus mode button located at the top right of each individual visual.
  4. Use the arrows situated at the bottom of the report window to navigate between report pages.
  5. To enter full-screen mode, use the button situated at the bottom right hand side of the report.


Every year, CUTA publishes statistical reports about the state of transit in Canada, using data collected from more than 100 transit systems. Reports are available to members only and are widely used by transit mangers, planners, and governments. There’s no better resource for data about fleet size, ridership, fare structures, accessibility, and more.

  • Canadian conventional transit statistics
  • Canadian specialized transit statistics
  • Summary of Canadian transit statistics (free for members)

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