Transit Scheduling


CUTA’s Transit Scheduling and Runcutting Course has been redesigned to be delivered virtually with facilitated instruction. The course is intended for professionals who either work directly in scheduling and runcutting and are looking to refresh their skills or are new to the role.  The course will familiarize learners with scheduling terminology, the scheduling process, building effective schedules, blocking trips, cutting runs, and creating rosters.

The course content is organized into six modules. The first three focus primarily on scheduling fundamentals, and the last three focus on more complex topics, such as scheduling adjustments, runcutting, and rostering.

Course Modules

Module 1 – The scheduling process

Module 2 – Your first schedule

Module 3 – Blocking

Module 4 – Scheduling adjustments

Module 5 – Runcutting fundamentals

Module 6 – Schedule implementation

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand how effective scheduling and runcutting influences the success of a transit system
  • Engage in conversation with thorough scheduling knowledge
  • Develop knowledge of core scheduling and runcutting concepts to enable further learning
  • Conduct simple scheduling and runcutting tasks
  • Learn from and networking with peers

The program is approximately 22 hours in duration delivered over the course of multiple virtual sessions. This program is offered in English only.


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