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Public Transit Infrastructure Fund - Phase II 

On July 6, 2017, the federal government communicated some important details about Phase II of the Public Transit Infrastructure Fund (PTIF). Please find below the exact allocation that each province will receive under PTIF and under the Green Infrastructure Fund.

Province or Territory

PTIF Phase II Allotment

Green Infrastructure Stream




British Columbia






New Brunswick



Newfoundland and Labrador



Nova Scotia



Northwest Territories









Prince Edward Island












You will find attached a short document that highlights the key elements of PTIF. You can also find all the information, including the letters sent by Minister Sohi to his provincial and territorial counterparts, here:

Key elements and news include:

  • Allocation from the province to the transit systems will be based on 100% ridership. Allocation from the federal government to the provinces used 70% provincial ridership and 30% provincial population.
  • Provinces will have a mandatory minimum cost share of 33.33%
  • Transit and active transportation projects will be eligible under the Green Infrastructure Fund
  • Bilateral agreements with provinces and territories will be negotiated over the coming weeks and months, with the goal of concluding negotiations by March 2018 at the latest.

As always, CUTA will remain closely involved with the federal government and we will keep you updated on development and news in a timely fashion.

Don’t hesitate to contact Jeff Mackey, CUTA’s Public Policy Coordinator, should you require additional information.