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STRADA is a hiring tool designed to for the recruitment of successful Canadian bus operators. Developed in partnership with CUTA members, STRADA is designed to:

  • Expedite the hiring process.
  • Reduce the labour intensity of the recruitment process.
  • Lower the cost of hiring and training.
  • Reduce the attrition rates of new hires by selecting better candidates.

With STRADA, organizations can administer psychometric assessments to find alignment of behavioural traits and situational judgments of potential candidates to high performing bus operators. STRADA assessments highlight the leading strengths and potential weaknesses of candidates which expedite candidate selection as part of the recruitment process.  STRADA assessments include scripted interview questions and guidelines designed based on each candidates’ individual results to give recruiters an opportunity dig deeper into leading strengths or potential weaknesses.

Candidates scoring high on STRADA assessments are considered “Strong Matches” which means and are expected to succeed in the bus operator role. In a study of more than 500 bus operators from 16 transit services, bus operators recommended by STRADA assessments compared to not recommended:

  • Took half the number of sick days.
  • Show up on-time to work three times more often.
  • Incur half the number of at-fault accidents.
  • Have 20% percent fewer customer complaints.

Among over 30 clients, STRADA has helped assess over 100,000+ candidates for the bus operator role in Canada and the US to date.

To learn more about STRADA including pricing or demo, please contact [email protected]