Federal government submissions

The voice of transit to government

When making decisions such as developing policies or budgets, the federal government seeks the input, expertise, knowledge and opinion of key stakeholders and industry experts.This feedback is provided in various ways and is referred to as a ‘government submission’. CUTA is Canada’s voice for public transit and plays a significant role in advising and providing government submissions by:

  • Participating in pre-budget discussions prior to the delivery of federal budget
  • Appearing before Standing Committees, such as Finance, Transport, Justice and Infrastructure and Communities
  • Submitting reviews, reports and consultation notes on policy and budget

CUTA looks to its members to contribute to this process, participate in consultations and cross-Canada committee hearings.

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“No one ever got anything without asking for it. Advocacy is how democracy works. Politicians need to know what constituents and stakeholders are looking for.” Bob Paddon, past chair, CUTA.