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Issue Paper
March 2019
The Economic Impact of Transit Investment in
Public transit is vital to the efficient movement of people and goods throughout Canada, and especially in its cities. Every year, federal...
Issue Paper
May 2017
Public Transit: Building Healthy Communities
Today, Canadian communities are facing 21st-century epidemics. Inactivity and obesity contribute to rising rates of chronic “lifestyle”...
Issue Paper
August 2016
There is perhaps no greater challenge to the modern world than that of climate change. Greenhouse Gases (GHG) like carbon dioxide (CO2),...
Issue Paper
July 2015
Paying the Way: Alternative Funding for Canadian
This issue paper summarizes new research by CUTA to identify and evaluate innovative transit funding tools used in North America, Europe...
Issue Paper
December 2014
Stopping Violence Against Transit Operators
This paper reviews important data on violence against transit operators, shows what some innovative transit systems are doing in response,...
Issue Paper
April 2014
New Building Canada Plan: The Next Decade of
In Budget 2013, the federal government announced the New Building Canada Plan. This 10-year infrastructure investment strategy offers $53...
Issue Paper
November 2013
Facing the Innovation Challenge: Research and
In recognition of these facts, CUTA commissioned a new research report, R&D and Innovation in the Canadian Transit Industry, that...
Issue Paper
May 2013
Accessible Transit in Canada: Building on the
It is in the public interest to keep these citizens active and engaged, and Canada’s transit industry can help. It offers them the mobility...
Issue Paper
March 2012
Making Headway: Towards a National Transit Policy
This issue paper identifies several priority actions (both longterm fundamentals and shorter-term quick wins) to build a more supportive...
Issue Paper
May 2011
National Transit Policy Frameworks: What Will
As a first step in the research conducted for CUTA, the consulting team reviewed the national transit policy of each country and conducted...