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Issue Paper
February 2011
Building Sustainable Mobility: Federal Transit
This issue paper summarizes some of the key types of transit infrastructure supported by recent federal investment, and illustrates them...
Issue Paper
November 2010
Bridging the Gap: The Federal Role in Transit
The consequences of a degradation in transit investment by upper orders of government would be traumatic for communities from coast to...
Issue Paper
September 2010
Canada's Transit Policy Framework : A
This issue paper highlights the need for all orders of government to join forces and actively pursue change for the benefit of Canadian...
Issue Paper
July 2010
Steering Towards Sustainability: New Guidance for
With funding from Transport Canada, CUTA has developed new guidance to help transit systems work toward sustainability within their...
Issue Paper
May 2010
Measuring Success: The Economic Impact of Transit
This paper summarizes the study’s key findings, but they represent only a first step. Further research and analysis will be required to...
Issue Paper
December 2009
Integrating Transit and Land Use: Building
The first of six key themes in CUTA’s Transit Vision 2040 is "Putting Transit at the Centre of Communities." This highlights the...
Issue Paper
June 2009
Transit Vision 2040: Setting the Course for the
Transit Vision 2040 is based on an understanding of transit’s role in supporting Canadian communities, an examination of the changes those...
Issue Paper
April 2009
Enabling the Future: Federal Transit Investments
This issue paper explores the various ways that the federal government supports transit, and highlights some examples of how federal...
Issue Paper
April 2009
Canada's Transit Suppliers: Celebrating
The strength of public transit in Canada has many benefits, but the contribution of transit suppliers to economic growth receives less...
Issue Paper
November 2008
The Optimal Level of Supply and Demand for Urban
Has Canada invested properly in transit? Should its transit systems provide more service, or less? To answer these questions, CUTA...