CUTA Applauds Alberta’s Investment in Public Transit in Budget 2024

Published March 1, 2024.

OTTAWA (March 1, 2024) – The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) commends the government of Alberta for prioritizing public transit in Budget 2024 with investments that enhance safety and connectivity.

Transit-related highlights from Budget 2024:

  • Calgary LRT Expansion: The government commits a robust investment of $667 million over three years for various Calgary LRT projects. This includes $43.4 million to extend the Blue Line LRT, paving the way for a future connection to the Calgary International Airport. Additionally, $2.2 million is allocated specifically for the Blue Line LRT extension toward the Calgary Airport, a significant milestone in enhancing airport accessibility and connectivity for residents and visitors.
  • Edmonton LRT Projects: Edmonton’s public transit landscape is poised for transformation with an allocation of $887 million over three years for LRT projects. This investment will significantly bolster the city’s transit infrastructure, promoting sustainable urban mobility and connecting communities more efficiently.
  • Enhanced Safety Measures: The budget dedicates $10 million to support Edmonton and Calgary in assisting policing partners with street-level law enforcement in high-crime areas, including downtown cores and public transit. This initiative is a critical step toward reducing social disorder incidents and ensuring the safety and security of transit users.

In spring 2023, there was an increased number of incidents of violence and social disorder on Canadian public transit systems. A 2003 Ipsos survey found that 27% of Canadians did not feel safe taking public transit alone. In April 2023, CUTA released a set of transit safety recommendations, which include calls for provincial governments to provide funding and support for more enforcement personnel to keep transit riders and workers safe.

“CUTA applauds the Government of Alberta for its commitment to ensuring public transit remains safe, reliable and affordable.” said Marco D’Angelo, CUTA President & CEO. “As Alberta’s population grows, these investments will work to create more livable, sustainable, and connected communities. We look forward to the positive impacts these projects will bring to Albertans.”


Media contact:
Jon MacMull
Director, Communications and Public Affairs
Canadian Urban Transit Association
[email protected]