Transit keeps Canadians moving

Building public transit

The Canadian Urban Transit Association supports the Permanent Transit Fund and asks every party to continue it. It’s the kind of predictable funding to expand transit that will help build more transit, with ways to expand public transit into rural areas currently without.

Expanding public transit is critical to reducing congestion in cities, reducing urban sprawl, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. It’s also the infrastructure class that creates the most jobs per dollar of investment. Canada’s taken large strides this century in building more transit, but there remains work to do, and municipalities should have a larger role in project selection. Nearly 90% of Canadians who live in urban areas believe public transit is an essential service for their community—one that deserves federal investment so it can get more people where they need to go.


Building public transit

Permanent funding of transit expansion will reduce congestion in cities and reduce carbon emissions.

76% say public transit investment is important