In Memory of Ted Wickson

Published February 1, 2024.

With heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Ted Wickson, a beloved figure whose profound contributions captured Toronto’s history and the Canadian transit industry.

Ted’s publication “A Century of Moving Canada: Public Transit 1904-2004,” was released under the auspices of the Canadian Urban Transit Association. He played a pivotal role in editing and revising various books on electric railways in Ontario for Railfare-DC Books, while also providing photographs and text for numerous other publications. Ted also dedicated himself to documenting Toronto’s waterfront, a project to which Ted devoted himself following the completion of the CUTA 100 yearbook. His personal touch, seen through his shared photographs and archival expertise, captured the essence of urban development and mobility.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Ted for enriching our understanding of transit history. As we celebrate CUTA’s 120th anniversary, Ted’s legacy remains a guiding light.

Ted’s roots in Toronto run deep, tracing back to a lineage of butchers at St. Lawrence Market. His passion for railways began in Ottawa and flourished during his tenure at the Toronto Transit Commission, where he served as an archivist, historian, and photographer.

His diverse talents extended beyond transit, encompassing historical research and vintage vehicle restoration. Ted’s modest demeanour belied his impact, forming lasting connections across the transit community.

Ted’s legacy as a pioneer in transportation preservation will endure, ensuring his contributions are remembered for generations to come.