Industry Jobs

General Supervisor, Regional and Special Services

City of Edmonton

  • Post Date: March 28,2024

  • Application Deadline: April 8, 2024


Reporting to the Director of Transit Service Development, the General Supervisor of Regional and Special Services leads their team to develop transit service plans for civic and major events, and to develop and deliver service contracts with regional partners in support of regional transit collaboration.
As the General Supervisor, you will determine the transit service plan for all special events that provides a reliable, convenient and cost effective service and direct your team on the coordination of routing, scheduling, customer information and operational coordination of customized service. You will also be responsible for the development and implementation of regional contracted services, including negotiating and maintaining agreements for direct service delivery on behalf of a
regional municipality or other entities, and developing and maintaining access agreements to ensure safe operation of regional service within ETS facilities.
● Coordinate with staff from various City departments and outside agencies to identify public transit service needs for events
● Provide excellent customer service to regional transit stakeholders, responding to their operational questions and ensuring accurate and timely
information to regional customers including billing, ridership reporting and fare revenue reporting
● Oversee the development of service plans for events, balancing customer needs and efficient, cost effective operations
● Produce detailed operational plans for events, standard operating procedures and staff information
● Work collaboratively with Superintendent of Special Events, who is responsible for the implementation of the special event service plan
● Develop estimate of costs for each event and share with key stakeholders
● Define and oversee preparation of customer information and marketing requirements for special events transit service, working in conjunction with Civic
Events, Communications and external organizations