Peter Dabrowski Wins Heroism Award

Published November 15, 2023.

Peter Dabrowski received the Heroism Award at the 2023 CUTA Awards Ceremony.

On May 17, 2023, at 3:30 p.m., MiWay Transit Operator Peter Dabrowski displayed exceptional bravery, compassion, and dedication during a harrowing incident that saved a life. While driving Route 109 eastbound, he spotted a distressed youth on the outside of a concrete guardrail on the south side of the bridge over Eastgate Parkway in busy Mississauga. Peter’s quick thinking and compassion were evident as he stopped the bus and immediately contacted Transit Control for assistance. He also communicated effectively with Emergency Responders.
Two other passengers on the bus joined Peter in approaching the distressed youth, helping him to safety. Peter’s calm and compassionate response played a critical role in ensuring the youth’s safety until emergency responders arrived. His actions prevented a potential loss of life, showcasing him as an exemplary ambassador for MiWay and a true hero in the community.

Peter’s bravery was further evident as he positioned the bus to create a barrier between the youth and oncoming traffic, demonstrating the exceptional presence of mind in a high-pressure situation. His actions allowed Emergency Responders to swiftly provide the necessary care to the youth in crisis, and Peter stayed with the youth until help arrived, assisting in the organization’s incident report.

Peter’s heroism had a profound impact, not only on the youth he helped but also on the entire MiWay organization and the community. His selfless and courageous actions serve as an inspiration to his colleagues, fostering unity and pride within the organization and the broader community. Peter’s heroism exemplifies MiWay’s commitment to safety, compassion, and the organizational values of dedication and teamwork.