Transit systems across Canada offered free fares on Clean Air Day 

Published June 7, 2024.

Since 1999, the first Wednesday of June has been dedicated to Clean Air Day, spreading awareness about the critical need to address air pollution. This year, we want to highlight some of the Canadian transit systems that participated and celebrate their efforts toward a cleaner and healthier environment.

Free fares were offered by BC Transit services in Prince George and Victoria, along with the Victoria Regional Transit Commission, Red Deer Transit in Alberta, Chatham-Kent Transit in Ontario, and Saint John Transit in New Brunswick. These initiatives not only celebrated Clean Air Day but also encouraged the use of public transit as a sustainable and environmentally friendly transportation option.

In Alberta, Manitoba, and Ontario, municipalities hosted in-person, interactive, and informative events to promote awareness about air quality and how everyone can contribute to a cleaner environment, including biking or using public transit instead of driving.

According to the Government of Canada, air pollution contributes to over 17,000 deaths annually. The initiatives taken by transit systems across Canada to offer free fares highlight the role of public transit in promoting cleaner air. When someone chooses to take a bus instead of their car, they can cut their greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 77 percent per kilometre. As we continue to adopt and support cleaner transportation options, we can collectively make a significant impact on improving air quality and reducing our carbon footprint.

Clean Air Day reminded us of the importance of sustainable transportation and the positive changes we can make for our health and the environment.