Transit welcomes move to permanent transit funding

Published November 30, 2020.

Marco D’Angelo, president of the Canadian Urban Transit Association, issued the following statement after the federal government’s economic and fiscal update today:

“We welcome the government’s commitment to permanent transit funding. It’s another step forward in predictable, long-term funding that will help get transit built—and build the right kind of transit. We look forward to working with the government as the new model takes shape. Transit systems also thank the government for recognizing that transit is among the most Covid-affected sectors of the economy.

Building more public transit creates jobs, makes our cities less congested, and helps meet climate goals. Public transit has some of the largest long-term impacts of any kind of infrastructure and reduces greenhouse gas emissions by millions of tons a year. Even as Covid rages, more than 2.5 million people take transit every day and we look forward to working with the government on building more transit for the future and keeping today’s transit operating safely and conveniently.”

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