• Vancouver Aerial View

    CUTA Fall Conference and Transit Show

    Inspiring Sustainable Change - Vancouver 2016

  • Sue Connor CUTA Chair

    My Vision for CUTA

    Sue Connor, CUTA Chair

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  • Bus operator assists passenger with a walker

    Top 15 Improvement Strategies in Specialized Transit

    Specialized Transit Services Industry Practices Review

  • Delegates Networking at Conference

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YRT Bus Stop
Industry News Commuters Reduce Their Crash Risk by More Than 90 Percent When Taking Public Transit Instead of Driving

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Strip mall plaza Scarborough
Industry News Toronto TTC looks at ride-sharing firms for hard-to-serve areas

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CNG Buses
Industry News Kamloops CNG Buses Exceed Expectations for Kamloops BC

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Minister Sohi and Pablo Rodriguez
Industry News Ottawa New federal approach to infrastructure delivers results for the middle class

The Government of Canada is committed to making investments that will help create jobs and grow the middle class now while building a strong foundation for a sustainable economic future.

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Latest Research Preview

GO Transit Exhibition Station

Driving techniques can have a 5-30% impact on fuel consumption, depending on the operator’s driving habits

5 Step Guide to Greening the Transit Industry and Reducing Canada’s GHG Emissions

There is perhaps no greater challenge to the modern world than that of climate change. Greenhouse Gases (GHG) like carbon dioxide (CO2), are being emitted at higher than ever levels, becoming trapped in the atmosphere and affecting global temperatures—leading to what is known as climate change.

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