2023 Young Leaders Summit Update – Shaping the Future of Transit

Published March 24, 2023.

EXPRESSions Blog: YLS In Edmonton

The Young Leaders Summit (YLS) is a 3-day youth conference that seeks to inspire a new generation of leaders, users, and advocates for transit toward a more sustainable, equitable, and innovative future. With the success of the 2019 Young Leaders Summit in Calgary, Alberta, CUTA is moving forward with holding another YLS this year.

At the Canadian Urban Transit Association’s 2023 Annual Conference in Montréal, it was announced that the Young Leaders Summit was to be held in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, preceding CUTA’s Spring Summit and Annual General Meeting in May 2023. After extensive discussions and review by CUTA and the Youth and Emerging Leaders Sub-Committee, it was determined that it was not possible to meet the financial goals to execute the summit by May 2023. However, it was decided that the Young Leaders Summit will be moved to Edmonton, Alberta, preceding CUTA’s Annual Conference in November 2023.

Work is well underway to bring this amazing event to Edmonton in November, with a rigorous and informative curriculum, eye-opening technical tours, and plenty of opportunities for young leaders to network amongst themselves and with transit executives from across the country – all of which are meant to show that a career in public transit is a worthwhile journey.

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