Alstom Wins Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award

Published November 15, 2023.

Alstom received the Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Award at the 2023 CUTA Awards Ceremony.

The Alstom Rainbow Train, initiated during the pandemic by two LGBTQ+ Canadian employees, aimed to create a virtual Pride Parade for North America. Its goals included fostering dialogue, engagement around LGBTQ+ pride, raising awareness of the challenges faced by this community, mobilizing allies, and promoting inclusion. Additionally, it aimed to align the event with Alstom’s mission, vision, and values, reflecting the company’s commitment to sustainable mobility. In June 2021, employees formed teams of ten and recorded their steps in a custom app, virtually moving a train across the Americas, starting in Canada. By 2023, it expanded globally, with 1,139 employees from 25 countries virtually moving the train around the world three times. This success led to the establishment of Alstom True Colours (ATC), the Alstom Employee Resource Group for LGBTQ+ and allies, in 2022.

While Alstom values inclusion, there was a need for more LGBTQ+ support in Alstom North America. The Rainbow Train’s 2021 efforts, supported by local leaders, gave the LGBTQ+ community a voice. Canada invited the US and Mexico, leading to the creation of Alstom True Colours (ATC) in July 2022, an Employee Resource Group for this community and its allies. The first Rainbow Train had 800+ participants, supporting ATC. The latest Rainbow Train involved 25 countries, raising LGBTQ+ visibility and company awareness. ATC chapters are emerging worldwide.

The rapid growth of the Rainbow Train, from 150 participants in three countries to 1,139 from 25 countries, highlights its significance and inclusivity for future LGBTQ+ Alstom employees. ATC extends its impact beyond Alstom, fostering inclusion with transit agencies globally. In 2022, 32% of ATC members identified as LGBTQ+. After a year, this increased to 51%, showing ATC’s tangible impact on inclusion.