CUTA Urges Quebec To Follow BC’s Lead In Supporting Public Transit

Published March 17, 2023.

MONTREAL (March 17, 2023) – The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) commends the recent decision by the British Columbia government to provide $479 million in operational funding to TransLink, the province’s largest transit system, to help address its budget shortfall and to avoid fare increases in the near future. CUTA thanks Premier David Eby, as well as Ministers Katrine Conroy and Rob Fleming, for their support of public transit.

Given the current provincial surplus, CUTA calls on Quebec Premier François Legault, Finance Minister Eric Girard, and Transportation Minister Geneviève Guilbault to follow BC Premier David Eby’s lead in supporting public transit. Quebec transit systems are facing significant challenges, particularly in major urban centres experiencing population growth.  Without additional support, systems are facing the likelihood of service cuts and fare hikes in the coming year. This could create a negative feedback loop that would lead to further revenue reductions. When riders have to wait longer or pay more, many find other modes that are more convenient.

“For years, CUTA has advocated for better transit funding models to provide more predictable and sustainable permanent funding for operating costs to keep transit affordable,” said Marco D’Angelo, CUTA’s President, and CEO. “We are relieved to see that BC is taking matters into its own hands to prevent a death spiral of infrequent service and higher fares. We are hopeful that other provinces follow suit!”

CUTA Calls on all provincial governments and transportation ministers to take immediate action to support public transit and promote ridership returns across Canada, including in Quebec’s major cities.


Media Contact:
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Communications and Public Affairs Specialist
Canadian Urban Transit Association
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