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Issue Paper
November 2008
Moving the Next Generation: CUTA's Youth
Almost a decade ago CUTA launched the idea that Canada’s youth could help accelerate change, and has since seen that idea blossom. In 2008...
Issue Paper
May 2008
Bringing Opportunities to Life: Accessible
As Canada’s population has grown, so has the proportion of Canadians with disabilities. The result has been a dramatic 23% growth in the...
Issue Paper
February 2008
An Evolving Picture: Federal Transit Investments
This issue paper explores the various funding mechanisms through which the federal government supports transit, and highlights some...
Issue Paper
February 2008
Investing in Transit: An Ongoing Challenge
This paper explores these issues in greater depth. It also presents the results of a recent survey on transit infrastructure needs, and...
Issue Paper
November 2007
Bus Rapid Transit: A Canadian Perspective
This issue paper will help Canadian transit stakeholders improve their understanding of BRT. It summarizes BRT’s basic nature and benefits...
Issue Paper
October 2007
Towards Sustainable Development: Building a
This issue paper explores how Canadian transit systems and suppliers are joining the international transit community as it pursues the goal...
Issue Paper
June 2007
Transit Safety and Security
Transit’s most important role in public safety may be to offer millions of Canadians an alternative to car travel: data from urban areas in...
Issue Paper
April 2007
A National Transit Strategy For Canada
Canada is the only G8 country without a federal policy of long-term, predictable transit investment. This situation prevents Canadian...
Issue Paper
February 2007
Building Success: Federal Transit Investments
Canadian transit systems are celebrating a renewed partnership with all levels of government—municipal, provincial and federal. Leadership...
Issue Paper
January 2007
Transportation Demand Management: Building
This issue paper examines the nature of TDM and its role in supporting public transit, and highlights some applications across Canada.