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NUL 2012
Transit Bus Collision Statistics
Urban Transit; Transit Bus Collision Statistics/ transport en commun; collisions des autobus urbain
Issue Paper
March 2012
Making Headway: Towards a National Transit Policy
This issue paper identifies several priority actions (both longterm fundamentals and shorter-term quick wins) to build a more supportive...
Issue Paper
May 2011
National Transit Policy Frameworks: What Will
As a first step in the research conducted for CUTA, the consulting team reviewed the national transit policy of each country and conducted...
Issue Paper
February 2011
Building Sustainable Mobility: Federal Transit
This issue paper summarizes some of the key types of transit infrastructure supported by recent federal investment, and illustrates them...
Issue Paper
November 2010
Bridging the Gap: The Federal Role in Transit
The consequences of a degradation in transit investment by upper orders of government would be traumatic for communities from coast to...
Issue Paper
September 2010
Canada's Transit Policy Framework : A
This issue paper highlights the need for all orders of government to join forces and actively pursue change for the benefit of Canadian...
Issue Paper
July 2010
Steering Towards Sustainability: New Guidance for
With funding from Transport Canada, CUTA has developed new guidance to help transit systems work toward sustainability within their...
Issue Paper
May 2010
Measuring Success: The Economic Impact of Transit
This paper summarizes the study’s key findings, but they represent only a first step. Further research and analysis will be required to...
Issue Paper
April 2009
Enabling the Future: Federal Transit Investments
This issue paper explores the various ways that the federal government supports transit, and highlights some examples of how federal...
Issue Paper
April 2009
Canada's Transit Suppliers: Celebrating
The strength of public transit in Canada has many benefits, but the contribution of transit suppliers to economic growth receives less...