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Issue Paper
February 2005
Public Transit and Small Communities
Public transit’s quality-of-life benefits are well known in Canada’s larger cities, where congestion and air pollution are major issues....
Issue Paper
October 2004
Transit-Oriented Development: Smart Growth in
In Canada’s cities, land use and transportation have a celebrated but troublesome marriage. Their offspring — urban sprawl, automobile...
Issue Paper
August 2004
Transit's Next Generation: Working with
This issue paper reviews several ways that Canada’s transit systems are creating partnerships with young individuals and others,...
Issue Paper
November 2003
Transit's Leading Edge: Innovations in
Public transit is all about meeting community needs. And as needs change, new challenges arise. Overcoming these challenges through...
Issue Paper
September 2003
Better Access Through Mobility: Getting Ahead
Transit is a quick, convenient and inexpensive way to travel. For people with disabilities, and those who are elderly, young or low-income...
Issue Paper
May 2003
Transit Means Business: The Economic Case for
Transit’s ability to improve our economy and make our cities more competitive is recognized by both government and business. Several recent...
Issue Paper
October 2003
Promoting Better Health Through Public Transit Use
This issue paper examines the impacts of public transit on each of these five factors, and how each factor, in turn, affects public health.
Issue Paper
October 2002
Public Transit and our Quality of Life: Building
Canada’s cities are booming. About 80 percent of Canadians are urban residents, and 60 percent of recent job creation has been concentrated...