Fall economic statement makes linkages to public transit but more support is needed from government

Published November 22, 2023.

OTTAWA – The Canadian Urban Transit Association (CUTA) acknowledges the federal government’s investments to support housing development highlighted in yesterday’s fall economic statement. However, without significant investment in public transit infrastructure, Canada’s transit agencies cannot expand transit networks to meet rising demand and to ensure new housing developments are properly integrated with public transit.

Transit agencies face significant budgetary challenges, and CUTA continues to call on the federal government to move up the start date of the Permanent Public Transit Fund (PPTF) to 2024. The planned rollout of the $3 billion annual PPTF in 2026 results in an infrastructure funding gap and leaves transit agencies facing critical capacity problems and mounting state of good repair backlogs. These challenges must be addressed to accommodate Canada’s growing population.

“Canada’s economic well-being hinges on delivering affordability,” said CUTA President, Marco D’Angelo. “Adequately supporting housing and transportation, the two largest expenses for Canadian families, is critical to maintaining quality of life for all Canadians.”

In a section highlighting the government’s Housing Accelerator Fund, the fall economic statement referenced federal housing investments throughout Canada that call for prioritizing housing developments near transit corridors. This aligns with policy recommendations found in CUTA’s recently released report on integrating housing and transit policy. The report, entitled Housing is on the Line, emphasizes the role of public transit in shaping housing development, improving affordability, and reducing homelessness.

CUTA will be looking to the 2024 federal budget for urgently needed funding and financing to support the maintenance and growth of Canada’s public transit infrastructure.


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