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Chief Strategy and Customer Experience Officer

Toronto Transit Commission

  • Post Date: December 19, 2023

  • Application Deadline: February 19, 2024


The Chief Strategy and Customer Experience Officer will hold a pivotal role at the TTC, reporting directly to the Chief Executive Officer. In this capacity, they will bear the responsibility of establishing and maintaining the necessary mechanisms to facilitate optimal customer service for transit riders; furthermore, their role will extend to fostering a culture within the TTC that maintains providing excellent customer service as a primary value. At the helm of strategic development, the CSCE will guide the creation of a dynamic customer service plan, designed to adapt effectively to evolving public values and needs. Overseeing the Strategy & Customer Experience Group (SCEG)—which includes Marketing & Customer Experience, Project Development & Planning, Research & Analytics, Service Planning & Scheduling, Strategy & Foresight, the Farecard Team, Revenue Operations, Revenue Protection, and Special Constable Service—the CSCE will ensure that the TTC can serve as a dedicated advocate for customers, identifying their needs and representing them throughout their journey.