Parties get mixed grades on public transit

Published September 15, 2021.

Toronto—The Canadian Urban Transit Association today gave the parties mixed grades for their public transit policies.

CUTA welcomed the all-party consensus about the need to build new transit, but was disappointed no recognized party’s platform supported extended operating funding—its top priority. The report card can be seen here.

Last year’s Safe Restart Agreement contained $4.6 billion to keep transit running, but these funds will soon expire. Unless extended, as they have been in the United States, service cuts are likely. Two million people rely on public transit every day, many of them workers and students who live too far from work or school to walk or cycle but whose incomes are too low to drive.

“Building new transit makes our cities less congested and climate targets easier to meet. We’re pleased every party agrees,” said Marco D’Angelo, CUTA’s president. “We also need to keep existing transit running. Millions of people rely on it every day and it doesn’t make sense to build new lines if today’s service is being cut. The next government needs to work with provinces and territories to extend operating support.”

CUTA’s report card passed every party, with the New Democrats (A+) and Liberals (A-) receiving the highest grades. But no recognized party got higher than a C- on their positions for ongoing operating support, and the Conservatives received an F. The Greens were the only party whose platform supported extended operating support.

CUTA reached its rankings by weighting various policy areas, and using the parties’ platforms, fiscal plans (where applicable), and responses to a CUTA questionnaire.

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