Senior Project Manager, Transit Marketing

OC Transpo

  • Post Date: January 21, 2022

  • Application Deadline: February 1, 2022

The Senior Project Manager serves as the department’s specialist for major transit marketing projects and development work and is responsible and accountable for organizing, directing, coordinating, and supervising the implementation of solutions.
The projects are highly complex; of million-dollar value; may have a high profile with the public; are adepartmental /corporate priority; may involve significant risk; are often composed of several sub-projects; may be specially assigned in response to new challenges and may extend over multiple years.

These projects include:

  • transit marketing strategic planning;
  • marketing plan development and implementation;
  • special assignments of strategic departmental/corporate importance; and,
  • other related complex, unique projects.

The Senior Project Manager provides consulting services to the department and the branch in the areas of project management, business analysis, process review, and the implementation of new marketing strategies, campaigns, and development work in support of departmental and corporate priorities.
The Senior Project Manager leads project teams through contracted service providers, consultants or assigned teams of staff . Under their delegated authority, the Senior Project Manager is responsible for all phases of project delivery from project inception through tendering/consultant selection/award, assembling of project teams, project tmplementation, monitoring, tracking and reporting on project status, vetting all project expenditures, and presenting completed results. Once the projects and plans are complete, the incumbent is responsible for ongoing monitoring of the implementation and public reaction to marketing plans, and evaluation of the effectiveness of campaigns in order to inform future work.
The Senior Project Manager directs the implementation of project strategies, and project work, and manages the financial and human resources related/assigned to the project. The incumbents participate in the hiring of internal and external consultants by preparing Request for Proposal, Statement of Work.

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