Transit keeps Canadians moving

Published July 30, 2021.

Already, more than two million Canadians rely on public transit every day. And as we reopen, they’ll rely on it even more—to get to work or school, to see family and friends at last, and attend cultural or sporting events.

But Transit does more than keep us moving. It also fosters social inclusion, reduces urban sprawl, and helps us fight climate change. To show all that transit offers our communities, we are excited to virtually welcome you to our Annual Conference and Transit Show from October 4-6.

We have a great line-up of speakers ready for you.

CUTA’s program is full of engaging speakers from across Canada—and around the world. One of our main topics will look at how we can navigate a new normal for transit ridership as vaccination rates climb and more people return to work. We have sessions on leveraging big data to understand new commuter travel patterns and innovative technologies you can use to bring riders back.

We’re excited to welcome experts on equitable service planning and delivery. In particular, how transit can support marginalized communities that have fewer mobility options.

And we’re also putting a spotlight on diversity and inclusion. We asked our members how they are creating a diverse and inclusive workplace culture, and judging from the significant number of abstract submissions, they’re eager to share their solutions.

Finally, we’ll hear from speakers about how to build a greener future through zero-emission vehicles. CUTA members will share how systems can effectively retrofit garages, upgrade existing IT systems, and retrain personnel to prepare for fleet electrification. And let’s not forget the hydrogen option. How can hydrogen technology help decarbonize transit? Find out at our annual conference.

Our transit show is going virtual on October 5.

CUTA’s transit show is Canada’s leading exhibition of bus, coach, rail and transit-related goods and services. Again this year, it will be held virtually, allowing exhibitors to overcome time zone barriers and interact with attendees in a digital environment wherever they are.

Through virtual booths loaded with company content and a chat function accessible from any location and device, the virtual transit show is a convenient way for exhibitors to showcase initiatives—and for attendees to learn about them.

Are you a CUTA member who is interested in attending our virtual transit show, but can’t make it to conference? Check out our website at Registration for the show is free!

We’re excited about this event and hope you are, too. Check out our website and register today.