STM Wins Marketing and Communications Award

Published November 15, 2023.

STM received the Marketing and Communications Award at the 2023 CUTA Awards Ceremony.

social network, to tap into a fresh audience who seldom visited traditional platforms like the website or STM’s existing social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram. This strategic move aimed to sustain STM’s presence among the future generation of travellers, particularly after the challenging period the transportation industry faced during the pandemic. STM’s target demographic was the youthful cohort, aged 16 to 24, and TikTok provided the ideal platform for this outreach. However, this transition represented more than a shift in communication strategy for STM; it demanded an adaptation to TikTok’s unique ecosystem and norms. Frankly, STM had never been accustomed to such self-deprecating messaging.

On TikTok, STM carefully crafted content that embraced the platform’s culture and conventions, particularly through humour. This unexpected, playful approach surprised TikTok users, as it deviated from the typical content offered by public organizations. STM swiftly gained prominence within the Quebec TikTok community, standing out with its humorous, niche content that resonated with users. Some videos offered valuable information when needed, and the lighthearted tone didn’t hinder addressing critical issues or providing explanations during network disruptions. One of the account’s strengths lies in STM’s community managers’ attentive approach, addressing audience concerns transparently, and fostering trust.

STM’s TikTok account has become the most followed transportation company in North America, amassing over 60,000 subscribers in just seven months. Since its inception in January 2023, the account has garnered over 13 million views and received more than 1.2 million “likes.” It effectively reached its initial goal, with 55% of subscribers aged 18 to 24 and 86% falling within the 18-34 range. STM’s TikTok account swiftly became a notable presence in Quebec’s social media landscape, gaining recognition in the media and industry, including features on Radio-Canada, participation in conferences, and guest lectures. Collaboration with popular brands on TikTok, like Desjardins and McDonald’s Canada, further boosted viewership.