Transit welcomes federal help in electrification

Published March 4, 2021.

The Canadian Urban Transit Association welcomed news that the federal government will provide significant assistance to transit systems in electrifying their fleets.

CUTA has long advocated for grants to offset the often significant costs associated with zero-emission vehicles, including planning, charging infrastructure, and adaptations to facilities.

“This is a significant step towards lowering transit emissions,” said CUTA President & CEO, Marco D’Angelo. “And it recognizes that Canada’s electric bus industry is a world leader. With this assistance, transit systems can take more climate action while creating and supporting good Canadian jobs. Minister McKenna’s personal commitment to achieving the government’s electrification goals is to be commended.”

Canada’s electric bus manufacturing sector is among the world’s most advanced. But the cost of vehicles is not the only expense in electrification as transit systems need the charging infrastructure the buses require. CUTA looks forward to working with the government on the details of the program and to help meet climate goals through zero-emission vehicles.

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